(This film is based on the real life of Melik Saracoglu, one of the directors of the film.)

A young cinephile and college student M. from Istanbul-Turkey has a joyful student life filled with books and films in the French city of Lyon where he studies cinema. Although the fact that he had lost his right eye during his former high school years, he manages to continue his life dedicated to cinema. But one day, his life has to change drastically, recognizing that his functioning left eye also encounters a retinal detachment.

After immediately flying to his hometown, Istanbul, and meet- ing with his family at the airport, he will be operated by his oph- thalmologist. The slowly passing recovery period cuts off by a second retinal detachment, which will terrify M., his family and all his friends. The risk of blindness gets stronger and it will devastate M.’s hopes and dreams.

M. will reconsider his being, his life and his passion for cinema during this difficult and painful recovery period which will last 40 days. During this bed-ridden days, he will have the obligation to lie face down with both eyes closed. This “rehearsal of blindness” will be the ultimate scene where he faces his own fears. This suffer and fear will also be an examination of his patience.

M. will overcome this sorrowful trial with his immense faith in filmmaking and the gracious support of his family and his friends. In fact, he will be able to succeed in his personal “renaissance” without taking life too seriously.